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Like the late great Whitney Houston so beautifully sang

We believe the children are the future. To that end JET

Introduces you to Leah Flynn, sweet caring young

violinist who wants to use her talents to improve the

world around her.    

Jet Magazine
Who Am I?

My name is Leah Flynn, and I am a fifteen-year-old violinist. I have been playing the violin for ten years and started playing because of my dad’s vision that I should play the violin shortly before I turned five. I started lessons two days after I turned five.

Through the years I have developed a passion for violin performance. As a performer I feel each note  that I play, which gives essence to my music. I believe that the best melodies are thoughtful, moving and demands my full attention when I play. This is how I play every time.  I am always  ready to  work with other musicians and orchestras to make great memorable music.


I am driven by my passion and love of performing on my violin, to be an inspiration to as many people as I can.

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